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Business Tax Planning
Proper planning may help reduce your current and future tax liability..
Selecting the appropriate entity for your business can reduce personal and corporate income taxes as well as employment taxes. We can help you determine whether a C corporation, S corporation, LLC or other entity is appropriate for your business. If you are operating a non-profit, we can help you become established as a tax-exempt entity and guide you regarding the technicalities of maintaining tax-exempt status.

We are adept at organizing, structuring and negotiating partnership and LLC agreements, as well as structuring the most tax efficient methods for distributing and selling assets by these entities, redemption of ownership interests, and the use of partnerships and LLCs in connection with complex estate planning strategies.
In brief, our business tax planning practice provides services in the following areas:
  • Entity selection and formation
  • Negotiating and drafting shareholder and operating agreements
  • Business purchases and sales
  • Business succession planning
Business tax planning
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